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About Me – Nikki Hardy

I’m Nikki, a 47-year-old woman with ADHD who loves the sea, all kinds of stationery, and animals (especially dogs!)

I am a single parent to my daughter Hope, and a full-time ADHD Career Coach.

I’ve learned to love my ADHD, but it took me a long time to feel this way. I was already a working adult by the time I was diagnosed, and I struggled a lot with procrastination, overwhelm, organisation, prioritisation, time blindness and a sense that I had not yet reached my full potential.

After a lifetime of enduring challenges that I couldn’t make sense of and comments from school teachers who said I just needed to “apply myself more,” I FINALLY had an explanation. ADHD. And those four magical letters sparked my mission to help as many ADHDers as humanly possible.

When I started working with Andrew Lewis, an incredible ADHD Coach, everything in my life changed for the better. I finally understood myself and learned how to work through my challenges. I started leaning more into my strengths and developed more self-confidence than ever before. It was a transformative experience, and I knew afterwards that I wanted to offer the same kind of support to others. I began the process to become a certified ADHD coach and haven’t looked back since.

Every day, I get to work with incredible clients and help them achieve incredible things. I aim to provide an environment that is encouraging, empathetic and judgement-free, where they can comfortably express themselves and embrace the fullness of who they are. I help my clients feel empowered, appreciate their uniqueness, and discover their capability to achieve any goal they put their mind to. I have truly found my dream job – and I would love to help you find yours.


  • AACC Certified ADHD Coach (ADDCA)

  • Licensed Firework Career Coach
  • Life Coach Diploma, UK Coaching Partnership

  • Foundation Degree in Health and Human Science (Mental Health) FDSC

  • Mental Health First Aid MHFA

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